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Pavaso Certified

DocVerify Certified

NNA Background Screened

NNA Certified Member

RON certified


  • ENotary- Remote Notarizations​

  • Certified Loan signings

  • Debt management presentations

  • Annuity closings

  • Property photos for banks and appraisers

  • General notary work

Signing a Contract

Expert Guidance

Rest assured that I will provide all the resources and guidance you need to succeed.

Team Meeting

URP Notary Client

Tracy was fantastic, by far the most knowledgeable and responsive notary we talked to. That's to COVID travel restrictions, we were in a tight spot and needed remote notarization on a document, with signatures required from three different time zones (including Tracy, who's located in PA as required for remote notaries in that state). The process was so new, many of the others couldn't answer our questions. But Tracy not only knew the rules cold, she offered to help us track down more details that we still didn't have. And she graciously set up a late meeting so we could accommodate all the signers. I picked her name from the approved PA list almost at random and feel we got very lucky. Extremely knowledgeable and professional."

- John F.

December 2020

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Telford, PA


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Mobile Notary and Certified Signing Agent

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